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Tanfoglio family is active in the firearms since the beginning of '900 when it produced and assembled sideplates for local firearms companies in Gardone Val Trompia, Brescia - Italy.


In 1948 Giuseppe Tanfoglio and Antonio Sabatti founded “SATA” company for the production of shotguns components and in 1953 began to produce handguns in cal. 6,35mm (.25ACP) and in cal. 22 Short and L.R...

At the end of 1960 Tanfoglio Giuseppe formed its own company that produced semi-automatic pistols, Derringer type pistols, single and double action revolvers, shotguns, alarm pistols and air rifles mainly for the U.S. market until 1992.

Fratelli Tanfoglio company was born in 1969, specializing its production in designing and manufacturing semi-automatic pistols in different calibers for self defense: thus the three brothers Lino, Marilena and Massimo (Giuseppe’s sons and daughter) have carried on the family tradition in the firearms business.

In 1986 the company began the production of models for sport shooting, especially for I.P.S.C. and I.D.P.A. competitions, in their different shooting categories: the development of the handguns for the shooting sports has carried to the company a lot of successes worldwide, as the title of I.P.S.C. World and European Champion since 1998 until today. Nowadays Tanfoglio products are a benchmark of excellence for fans and shooters all over the world, Tanfoglio pistols are also the main choice of many police and security professionals. High quality is the result of skill, passion and continuous research and development, in a constant dynamic balance between tradition and innovation.